Rio Burton is a freelance illustrator. She studied and lived in the UK for 6 years, earning a BA Degree in Illustration in 2011 & M.A. in 2016. She travelled the world before settling down in Colorado, USA. Rio is passionate about creating art for fantastical stories and characters for books, comics, games and other various illustration projects. Rio is the sole creator for her comic Lucid Dreaming

If you are interested in working with me please email rioburton.illustration@gmail.com

Published works include:

Visions From The Upside Down Printed In Blood, 2019.
Deadbeats Anthology, The Angel From My Nightmare
(comic artist) written by Mark O. Stack published by A Wave Blue World, 2019.
Eyes (comic artist) written and self-published by Scott Dunn, 2019.
The Woman With The Hourglass Tattoo (comic artist) written by Eric Palicki, 2019.
Focus Zine, 2019.
OC Adventure Zine, 2019.
(Featured Artist) Imagine FX Issue 171, 2019.
(Cover Artist) Kingdom: Tiber City Blues by Anderson O’Donnell
A Royai Zine: Queen and King
, 2019.
(Illustration Artist) Journey Away Tabletop Roleplaying Game by Purple Aether Games, 2018.
(Card Artist) Equivalent Exchange Tarot Project by Catstealers Zines, 2018.
90's Anime Girl Zine, 2018.
(Cover and interior artist) Wanderlust Anthology, 2018.
(Comic artist) ShowDevils 4: This Island Van by Daniel Crosier, 2018.
(Variant cover artist) The Liminal by Dailen Ogden, 2017.
The Thing Artbook by Printed In Blood, 2017.
(Card/Logo Artist) Fairy Tale Games: The Battle Royale by Artistic Justice Games, 2016.
(Card artist) Dragon Tides by Artistic Justice Games, 2016.