What is Lupus in Fabula?
Lupus in Fabula will be a published compilation of my own illustrations inspired by wolves throughout myth and legend. I will be working on this project throughout 2019 with a tentative publishing date sometime in 2021.

Why 2021?
This is a passion project that I would like to take my time with so that I can create the best possible art without letting tight deadlines, and client work, interfere. I will be updating this site with illustrations as I complete them.

What About Lucid Dreaming?
Have no fear! Lucid Dreaming, my webcomic, will still be updated throughout 2019. Lupus in Fabula is a fun project that I can work on when I need a desperate break from drawing comic interiors. 2018 was spent drawing fanart during these breaks. I would like to devote my personal time (that isn’t spent on the webcomic), to working on original works for 2019. Lupus in Fabula was born from the need to sink my teeth into a large, original project.

Thank you for stopping by! I look forward to working on this project and seeing where it goes over the course of a year.